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About us

We are a small hobby breeder who, like many people have fallen in love with bengal breed. We have admired the breed for over ten years, after we purchased our first bengal girl we were smitten.

A junglefx bengal

We have attended many cat shows and gained a great understanding of the breed standard.

Our main aim is to produce high quality bengals with good social temprament and stunning looks, hopefully creating a champion of the future. All of our cats have been picked for particular traits that we want to see in our and your future cats.


Our Promise

 To provide Help and advice to all those who own a junglefx kitten.

A happy and healthy kitten.

To honestly evaluate our kittens for pet, show or breeding.


Contact us

Please browse our gallery or email us for any additional information


TEL: 07914812074/01604 455189 anytime after 3.30pm weekdays, anytime weekends